Our Bi-Weekly Home Watch Services Inspection of Your Residence Includes:

Interior Checklist:

  • Check air conditioner to ensure it is functioning properly
  • Set temperature and interior temperature
  • Check walls, floors, and ceilings for water
    intrusion and damage
  • Check for rodents or bugs
  • Turn water on, flush all toilets, and run water
    into all drains
  • Brush toilets
  • Run garbage disposal to ensure proper operation
  • Check refrigerator
  • Turn off ice maker
  • Turn off water heater
  • Turn off main water
  • Check smoke alarms
  • Check operation of overhead lights in all rooms
  • Check that all doors and windows are secure

Exterior Checklist:

  • Visually inspect the roof and gutters for signs of damage
  • Visually inspect outside of home, to ensure no signs of forced entry or damage
  • Observe landscaping and irrigation system and check for coverage
  • Remove mail from mailbox and check the area for trash
  • Swimming pool
  • Screens on lanais
  • Turn on main water for interior inspection

Add-on Home Watch Services:

  • Rental assistance, including serving as a “one stop repair shop” for your guests
  • Check home between rentals and provide detailed report to homeowners
  • Storm shutter installation and removal
  • Post-storm check
  • Waiting service for deliveries, etc.
  • Pressure washing
  • Outdoor Furniture assembly
  • Move lanai furniture in or out at season beginning or end
  • Rentals -End of month cleaning service

Whether you choose our standard home watch contract or let us create a custom Home Watch Services package for you, Sullivan Home Services will protect your property – today and every day that you are away. Contact us to set up an appointment for a FREE consultation.